Chris Nuñez

1. Who are you?
Chris Nunez. I was born and raised in Miami. Originating as a tattoo artist by trade world traveler by choice, and for the last 15 years, I have been known as a television personality in the tattoo genre. I have recently been working on a self-funded passion project behind the camera, where I’ve been producing and directing, with my closest friends and family, a documentary about the Amazon rainforest, the indigenous people, and their battle to save their indigenous territories. It’s a documentary turned series, created in an effort to heighten global awareness of the indigenous struggle, as well as indigenous triumphs.

Through this project in the Amazon, my new production company, “Make Believe Pictures,” was spawned. Our other project is a travel television show about art and tech, where I travel around the United States with my co-host and business partner, who teaches me about the tech world, and I, in turn, show him the world of art through my eyes.


What inspires you?
Most people find inspiration in outside things, meaning social media, celebrities, and athletes, just to name a few. I find inspiration in my family and friends. Those people are the closest to me and can give me support when needed and vice versa. With all the stuff that has happened during the last couple of years, it has become more and more important to have a strong home base with people around you that can inspire and support you.


What has been your best travel destination?
My visits to Brazil are definitely the most impactful travels of my life. Brazil opened its doors to me back in the years 1995-96. What was supposed to be a five-day trip for me turned into five years stay. I fell in love with the country, I fell in love with the people, culture, food, and art... and I was able to bring the American style of tattooing to a country that had yet to be frequented by American tattooers. I was literally one of the first to work and live in Sao Paolo. I find myself today in love with the Amazon and the people that inhabit it. I do believe that we can learn a lot from the way the indigenous coexist in harmony with nature. Brazil serves as an inspiration and a second home to me. It is beautiful.


What are the essential items in your wardrobe?
I think Fashion and art have always gone hand in hand. Artists have always been the tastemakers within the world of Fashion. As an artist myself, surrounded by other artists, all my life, my sense of style was always influenced by trends and styles originating from New York City. I was always gravitating toward the hip-hop culture, and then my tastes expanded from traveling to Europe and to Japan. I took bits and pieces of flavors from everywhere that I traveled and infused those into my life. Some of my favorite pieces are more than 15 years old. My favorite pieces are American-inspired clothing crafted in Japanese textiles because they last. As a tattoo maker, you learn about quality, craft, trade, and durability. That is one of the main reasons I wanted to create these pieces of eyewear with you guys. Living in Miami and being exposed to the strong sun, and the fact that I am getting older, I really wanted to make handcrafted wearable pieces of art/Fashion that were durable and timeless.


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  • Chris Nuñez x KAMO - Nordic clear/Miami green
  • Chris Nuñez x KAMO - Nordic clear/Miami green
  • Chris Nuñez x KAMO - Nordic clear/Miami green
  • Chris Nuñez x KAMO - Nordic clear/Miami green
  • Chris Nuñez x KAMO - Nordic clear/Miami green

Chris Nuñez x KAMO - Nordic clear/Miami green

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