• Poul Kjærholm
  • Poul Kjærholm
  • Poul Kjærholm
  • Poul Kjærholm
  • Poul Kjærholm

Poul Kjærholm

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Poul Kjærholm is amongst the greatest personalities in Danish furniture design in the post-war period, and he is perhaps the furniture designer who has most uncompromisingly searched for a simplification, purification of all superfluity, so that his work stands out clearly and survives the test of time becomes timeless. His works are finished to a unique degree. Preparation of materials, clear distinction and linking between construction elements, and reductions in thickness of materials to an absolute minimum created furniture whose elegance is without comparison in Danish furniture design. Kjærholm’s production is unparallelled as Danish design at its very best.

𖣠 Weight: 1.6 kg
𖣠 Dimensions: 24.5 x 2.2 x 30.5 cm
𖣠 Cover: Hardcover
𖣠 Pages: 189
𖣠 Language: English
𖣠 Colour: White
𖣠 ISBN: 9788774072065

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