At the core of KAMO International's design ethos lies a creative ambition to connect with people through a diverse range of styles. From classic shapes to unique, forward expressions, the brand weaves a tapestry that embraces timeless elegance and multicultural influences. Each design reflects a commitment to diversity, capturing the cadence of the moment and celebrating the richness of lasting aesthetics. 

Entirely handmade

Our glasses are produced by some of the world's best eyewear manufacturers, known for their experimentation with new production techniques, finishings, materials and detailing.

Even the hinges are masterpieces. Created by OBE out of Germany, these hinges does not get any more reliable.

Colored Lenses

Delving into the spectrum of colored lenses, these not only enhance style but also offer distinct advantages. The versatile gray lenses find their place in sports and outdoor pursuits, while the warmth of brown lenses softens bright light, making them a popular choice for sunny days.

Green lenses alleviate eye strain, blue lenses sharpen contours for snowy and foggy conditions, and yellow lenses, with their depth-enhancing properties, prove perfect for the focused precision required in driving. Each tint serves a purpose, contributing to an unparalleled visual experience.


Crafted with precision, each KAMO International product embodies a seamless union of form and function, consisting of two fundamental elements: the frame, an exquisite synthesis of cellulose acetate, metal, or a harmonious fusion of both, and top-tier lenses of unparalleled quality.

Partnering with the prestigious lens manufacturer CARL ZEISS, KAMO International elevates eyewear to a new level of eye protection, ideal for prolonged everyday use.

Recycled acetate

KAMO International's frames are crafted from recycled acetate in collaboration with Mazzucchelli, a pioneering force in acetate production. Committed to environmental stewardship, our black frames are a testament to resourcefulness, with 97% recycled acetate derived from acetate waste adorned with a mere 3% infusion of black ink.

We turn to bio-based acetate for non-black frames, a material devoid of crude oil and toxic plasticizers, ensuring a minimal ecological footprint. We seamlessly marry style and eco-consciousness with each pair, forging a path towards a more sustainable future.